Work in an Orphanage

Many children in Ghana abandon their homes and families to search for prosperity in bigger cities. Unfortunately, the harsh reality of life happens and they end up on the streets and these innocent and naive young children are struggling to survive on their own in the real world. Most times, circumstances are not what they hoped for and these children live in the streets under harsh conditions with society looking down on them.

Our orphanage work in Ghana is a venture to accept and accommodate these street children and provide them the opportunity to live and learn under the same, safe and welcoming roof. The end goal is to find them a new home via adoption or placement with family members who can care for them. The project includes an orphanage and day care center.

Most orphanages in Ghana are resource poor, understaffed and are facing many problems as they try to run their programs. Our orphanage needs extra help with the day-to-day activities like cleaning, cooking and serving food to the children. Volunteers also provide basic English education to the children and organize physical and creative activities, as well as assist the staff with counseling the children.

Role of Volunteer

As a volunteer in orphanage in Ghana, your work will be a fulfilling endeavor, helping these needy, desperate and destitute children and spending 4-5 hours each day with them. You will help these children by providing basic English education and conducting various sport and creative activities to keep them engaged and feeling positive towards life. You will be part of the orphanage's extended family and share helping hands with cleaning, cooking and serving food. You can also assist the staff in counseling of the children.

Our volunteers support a variety of activities - from school lessons to games. Most of the time, volunteers stay with the orphans for an at-orphanage stay, much like a family member. Although this is not an official teaching placement, you may teach conversational English during your stay. Our volunteers also engage the children with educational activities and games, and may be asked to help with various health or sanitation needs.

  • Teaching basic conversational English
  • Developing creative free-time programs such as dance, arts, music and other physical activities
  • Helping the children with various health and personal hygiene needs
  • Teaching life-skills
  • Housekeeping as well as cooking and serving food to the children

  • Program: Volunteer in Ghana
  • Project: Work in Orphanage in Ghana
  • Location: Biadan,Senase, Accra, Kumasi, Hohoe,Cape Coast, Tamale,
  • Departure and End Point: Accra, Ghana (Kotoka International Airport)
  • Language Need: English, basic to intermediate fluency
  • Accommodation and meals: Home base and Ghanaian cuisine three times daily
  • Activities: Provide love, care, education and free time activities to orphans & support orphanage operations
  • Working hours: 25-35 hours per week
Skill/Qualification Needed

No specific qualifications are required to volunteer in orphanage in Ghana project, but your understanding of Ghanaian culture and language can help improve the experience for you and the children. Consider enrolling in our one-week Language & Cultural Immersion program. Volunteers should have love for children, empathy for their unfortunate circumstances and willingness to share their passion with them while being patient and flexible.