Emily Abi-Kheirs (Boston USA)

Great experience I will never forget. I will definitely recommend this trip!!

Shelby Corneil (USA)

I had a blast time and will do it again in a heartbeat!!

Stephanie Rivera (USA)

Once in a life time experience, it was amazing. Thank you so much Fred, your hard work has been greatly appreciated.

Briana Garcia (Florida USA)

I love the Homestay. This is my second trip with Can Do Land Tour and will recommend it to everyone!!

Kyla Foley (USA)

Incredible experience! Love the way Fred took care of the group and really made it special. Thanks!!

Loren Springstreen (USA)

The best experience on SAS and in general. This was an amazing opportunity and an horned to have been part of it.

Makena Miller ( Hawai USA)

I thank Fred for taking me here and allowing me to be further immerse in a beautiful and rich culture. Am coming back!!

Hannah Naumann (California USA)

Everything was truly amazing couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thank you so much.

Christian McCarty (New York USA)

One of the best Experience in my entire life. Fred did an outstanding job the whole time. LOVE IT !!

Ian Rodgers (Colorado USA)

Couldn't have had a better experience, this has been incredible. Thank you Fred and everyone at Can Do Land Tour. You did it!!


Traveling with Can Do land Tours was the amazing thing i have ever done !