Our Second Water Project

Our Second Water Project Spring 2013, Can do land tours traveled with a group of students from Semester at Sea on a study tour . They stayed in the village for 3 days provided students and Lifelong Learners the opportunity to experience the difficulties that these villagers live with on a daily basis. Watching as water was pumped into large metal bowls, and then somehow lifted and carried away by the women on top of their heads was so eye opening to the group. Until you witness how others live it is so easy to take for granted the things we have, that make our lives so much easier. Because of this tour, Can do land tours was able to construct a water tank and tap from the money we paid for the Educational tour, having an amazing impact on the life of these people and their village!! The student on the tour had their share of the impact, because to most of them , they felt like their lives were never going to be the same and also very happy that they travelled with a company that makes them feel like they are still given back to the villages they visit.