Our Projects and Sponsorship Programs

Since the foundation of Can do land tours, the company has embarked on several humanitarian project in less privilege villages in Ghana. Can do has been given back tremendously to the kind Ghanaian village that opens their heart to our friends and us. Most of the projects are achieved by the support of "The Senase Project"

The Akatim Village School Project

The Akatim Village School Project Can do land tours incorporation with The Senase Project is doing all what we can to provide a welcoming and inspiring environment for the one hundred and twenty students in primary grade levels at the Akatim Village School. We are going to build a six classroom schoolhouse with a library as well as the books and materials that the students need to be learn. Construction was started in Fall 2012 and is slated... Read more

Our Second Water Project

Our Second Water Project Spring 2013, Can do land tours traveled with a group of students from Semester at Sea on a study tour . They stayed in the village for 3 days provided students and Lifelong Learners the opportunity to experience the difficulties that these villagers live with on a daily basis. Watching as water was pumped into large metal bowls, and then somehow lifted and carried away by the women on top of their... Read more

Educational Sponsorship Program

sponsorship program sponsorship program sponsorship program

Godfred B. Allison

Martin Adu Gyamfi

Ernest Atta Kyeremeh