Wildlife and Nature Tours

Nature is important to Ghana and conservation program strives to protect this Heritage, to enable us enjoy it with the world and to pass it on to future generations. Ghana has a rich natural treasure made up of Natural Parks, Resource Reserves and Wildlife Sanctuaries, which are open for exploring through the whole year. From the savannah of the coastal plains, the dense tropical forest and the grassland of the North to the life giving water bodies, which criss-cross the country, distinct wildlife abound.

Day 1: Akwaaba- Welcome


Arrive in Accra, Ghana Kotoka International Airport. You will be met by our guide to be transfer from the airport to your hotel for a welcome drink and orientation. Dinner and overnight at your hotel.

Overnight: Golden Tulip Hotel in Accra
Meals: Dinner

Day 2: Shai Hills Resource Reserve

shai hills

After breakfast at your hotel, depart for a drive north of Ghana through the various villages to Shai Hills Reserve, which combines nature, conservation, rich cultural interest and archaeological sites with splendid, scenic beauty. Embark on a trek through the savannah plains to view West Africa’s big game: antelopes, bushbucks, kobs, baboons, monkeys and many birds species including the crested eagle, ground hornbill, bank bellied bustard and more. Visit the obonu caves that serve as home to m,any animals, but most notable are bats. You will have the opportunity to learn about the various artifacts that are found at the site. After lunch, proceed to Hohoe in the Volta Region. Check in to a hotel for dinner and overnight.

Overnight: Grand Hotel at Hohoe
Meals: Breakfast and Dinner

Day 3: Wlifalls- Tafi Atome Monkey Village

wli fall

After breakfast, explore some few minutes at Hohoe being famous for its traditional medicine centre, where natural herbs are use for treatment of various diseases. Visit the spectacular Wlifalls been the highest in Ghana, which consist of two parts, the Lower Fall and the Upper Fall. At the lower falls, you will be able to spot the hundreds of straw-coloured bats cliffs next to the waterfalls. The plunge pool of the fall is safe for swimming. After lunch, depart to Tafi Atome Monkey Village, which is surrounded by an indigenous tropical forest with very high floral concentration. In this forest, one can find and get close to the endangered, playful and rather sacred true Mona Monkeys. If you can take some bananas in other to engage the friendly monkeys overseen. We return back to Hohoe and if not exhausted, visit the scenic beauty of the numerous hills in the Kalakpa Resource Reserve ( Zitoe, Koffitoe, Kadanga etc) and the higher density and abundance of Borassus Palm in the reserve. Enjoy your delicious local dinner and overnight.

Overnight: Grand Hotel at Hohoe
Meals: Breakfast and Dinner

Day 4: Aburi Botanical Gardens- Boti Falls

aburi gardens

Depart from Hohoe after a hearty breakfast, to Aburi in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Visit the beautiful Aburi Botanical Gardens, offers a rich collection of tropical flora, which attracts scores of birds and butterflies. The Gardens were originally created in 1890 for pleasure and scientific research. It is an exceptional habitat for plants and butterflies from all around the world. After leaving Aburi, visit Atewa-Awirebu Butterfly Sanctuary, magical forest consists of over 150 different species of fern and other flora. The forest is filled with the enchanting sounds of birds and insects including the “Papilio Antimachus” one of the largest butterflies in Africa. After lunch, Visit the spectacular Boti waterfall, lies in the forest resource at Huhunya. It takes its source from the village of Ahenkwa. It was discovered in the 1950’s and is made up of two cascades adjacent to each other, the Female Fall on the left and the Male Fall on the right. They are both safe and deep enough for swim. Dinner and overnight.

Overnight: Little Ark Hotel at Aburi
Meals: Breakfast and Dinner

Day 5: Kakum National Park- Canopy Walkaway

canopy walk

After breakfast, depart to explore the historic Denkyira Kingdom, particularly Kakum National Park. Kakum is one of the West Africa’s surviving tropical rain forests, spanning over 360sq km and filled with diverse and dense vegetation. You will have the opportunity to view over 40 mammals, 400 birds species and a breath taking array of butterflies, flora and fauna. Explore the most popular attraction in the forest, the Canopy Walkway which is made up of seven bridges extending 330m and hanging 40m above the forest floor. You will have the option either to walk on the canopy or enjoy 2km nature walk through the forest to discover a wide variety of exotic flora species and medicinal value they offer. Return to your hotel for dinner and overnight.

Overnight: Hans Cottage motel at Kakum
Meals: Breakfast and Dinner

Day 6: Takoradi-Kumasi

boat cruise

Depart from Cape Coast after breakfast to Takoradi in the Western Region. Visit the Egyambra Crocodile Sanctuary to experience the famous crocodile pond of southern Ghana. The fetish priest of the village must pour libation (bottle of schnapps) to entice the crocodiles from the pond with a live chicken. Everyday is welcome for visit except Tuesday, which is a sacred day. Also get the opportunity to see species of marine turtles nest on the beaches of Takoradi: the leatherback turtle (Dermochelys Coriacea), the Olive ridley turtle (Lepidochelyes Olivacea) and the green turtle (Chelonia Mydas).

After lunch, continue to south of Kumasi, visit the Lake Bosumtwi situated within an ancient meteorite impact crater, 8km across, 45m deep and the only natural Lake in Ghana. Bosumtwi in the local language means Good Antelope. The only traditional taboo against the lake is touching the water with iron and large scale modern boats are not considered appropriate. The Lake is surrounded by forest-clad hills. The hillsides are rich in animal and birdlife, and you can take a trail around the Lake, bike around it or you can join a small boat to go fishing. Dinner and overnight at Lake Paradise Resort.

Overnight: Lake Paradise Resort at Obonu
Meals: Breakfast and Dinner

Day 7: Boabeng- Fiema Sanctuary- Kintampo Waterfall

monkey sanctuary

After breakfast, check out from your hotel and depart for a drive through the forest zone to Boabeng-Fiema Sanctuary in the Brong-Ahafo Region. The sanctuary is nestled in between the two village of Boabeng and Fiema, the home of Geoffrey’s pied Columbus and Campbell’s Mona Monkeys.

Campbells mona monkeys are forest monkeys and about 500 in number in the sanctuary. They are brown in colour whiles Geoffrey’s Pied Columbus are about 200 in number and black and white in colour. Explore the forest to see variety of butterflies, birds and over 90 identified species of trees. After lunch, continues to the Kintampo Waterfalls one of the beautiful fall hidden away in the woods close to the Kumasi/Kintampo highway. The falls are made up of three stages, the first drop of 5-10m continues to the second of only a metre or two, then to the third and more impressive stage with a drop of 3om. The pool is safe and deep enough for a swim. Return to your hotel for dinner and overnight.

Overnight: Midway hotel at Kintampo
Meals: Breakfast and Dinner

Day 8: Kintampo Waterfalls-Mole National Park

mole park

After breakfast, make an early departure and drive south to Techiman with a stopover for lunch. Continue the drive to Mole in the Northern Region. Upon arrival, check in to a hotel and relax. Dinner and overnight at your lodge in Mole.

Overnight: Mole Lodge
Meals: Breakfast and Dinner

Day 9: Mole- Wechiau Hippopotamus Sanctuary

Embark on an early morning trek through the National Park to view some of West African’s big game (elephants, antelopes, waterbucks, water hongs, monkeys and many more). After breakfast, check out from your hotel and visit the Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary. The sanctuary contains much more than Hippos. It is good for birds watching, including woodland savannah, river and forest shore bird species. Trek through the many hiking trails and spot the many monitor Lizards, bats, hedgehogs, pythons and chameleons. We will take a river Safari on the Black Volta with an opportunity to see the hippopotami, Violet Turacoes, Malachite Kingfishers and Vervet monkeys. After lunch, depart and drive south to Kumasi. Upon arrival in Kumasi, check in at your and relax. Dinner and overnight at your hotel.

Overnight: Hotel Georgia at Kumasi
Meals: Breakfast and Dinner

Day 10: Kumasi- Accra


After breakfast, depart for a drive through the forest zone to Accra. Upon arrival have lunch in one of the restaurant in Accra and last minute shopping. Transfer to the airport for check-in and departure.