Senase Home Stay Tour

3 DAYS, 2 NIGHTS (25TH – 27TH OCT)
388 USD PP.

Day 1:

tema port

Meet the team from Can Do Land Tours at the port gate at 6:00am. The gate is about 2minutes walk from the ship. We suggest that you meet as a group prior to disembarking, so you can travel to the meeting point together. This will make it easier for all of us to have enough time for the amazing experience ahead of us.

village kumasi

Depart Tema through the beautiful vegetation and small villages of Kumasi (Ashanti Kingdom), which was the greatest empire in the West Africa in the Ashanti Region. In Kumasi, we will the culture and arts centre to shop for some souvenirs and local artefacts, then go to a local restaurant for a delicious buffet of traditional foods of Ghana. At the restaurant, lunch and one bottle of water are provided; you will need to pay for any extra thing you purchase.

tema port

After lunch, we will leave Kumasi and head northwest to Senase. Please Note: travelling in Ghana will be very different than what you are used to in the United State-some roads may be unpaved, and there might be a lot of traffic. Therefore, the drive from Kumasi to Senase could take us between 2-3 hours.

road senase

Depending on the time we arrive in Senase, The elders of the village will come and welcome us into Senase, as tradition requires of them. After a warmly welcome and a few minutes of cultural displayed with the elders, we will walk through the village to have a traditional dinner together (Note: purified water will be provided for all meals). After dinner, we will be divided into groups of 2-4 people and then head out to meet our host families.

Day 2:


After waking up to the sounds of roosters, birds and children in the village, you will have some time to meet with your family before leaving for breakfast with the group. Breakfast will be a hot porridge (similar to cream of wheat in the United States) but know here as Tombrown and fresh bread.

After breakfast, we will then visit a local church and join them for service. (This will be an optional; people who want to spend more time with their host family or go to church with their host family will be a great experience to have since Ghanaians are very religious)


After church, we will return home for a traditional lunch (Red Red, fried plantain and beans stew). After lunch, we will leave as a group to only orphanage home in the Berekum District top spend the rest of the day with the kids. We will know how they spend their weekends, help them with their house chose and also their homework.

night life village

After sunset, we will return home for another delicious traditional dinner (There will be fufu, rice and stew and ampesi for you to choose from). After dinner, we will drive from Senase to Berekum, a bigger city, to experience some awesome nightlife with Ghanaian music and all variety of local drinks, until we are tired. Note: public intoxication in Ghana is strictly taboo and considered extremely disrespectful, so it is expected that you drink responsibly.

Day 3:

village school

After breakfast, we will divide ourselves in groups and spend the morning at schools in the village of Senase as well as the nearby villages. At the school, we will assist the teachers in their lessons for the day, as well as providing fun activities for the children (painting, colouring, singing, games etc). We will then say goodbye to the kids after the first lessons with them and head back to Tema (Port).


We may make a second stop in Kumasi in case we couldn’t shop on the first day.

This experience was an experience of a life time. I will remember the trip, people and experience forever. Love Can Do Land Tours. THANK YOU!!

NAME: Jennifer DiGiuseppe
VOYAGE: Spring 12

This trip into Senase was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The people were so kind and excited to see us. The food was delicious and I thank Fred (guide) for taking us here, but also allowing us pushing us to further immerse ourselves in a beautiful and rich culture. Am coming back to Senase (Ghana) Thank you!

NAME: Makena Miller
VOYAGE: Fall 12

I’m so thankful that I was able to experience Senase. It was unbelievable and something I will never forget. The people are amazing. Thank you and I hope to be back soon! Fred (guide) you are awesome and help to make the experience so great!!!

NAME: Liz Parker
VOYAGE: Fall 13

An amazing experience that allowed us to truly experience village life and allowed us to give back while being taught so many amazing life lessons. A once in a life experience that I will not forget and hope to come back.

NAME: Gabriella Lutjen
VOYAGE: Spring 13

Thanks for a great night, great hospitality and a better company, made for a fun time!

NAME: Jacob Zimmer
VOYAGE: Fall 13