Educational Tours to Ghana

Can Do Land Tours educational programmes are designed to provide student (both high school and university), other groups from hospitals, churches, clubs and people with special interest like researchers who wants to learn more about Ghana and the people have the opportunity of learning through safe exploration and active participation while at the same time experience different foods, new cultures and challenging environment. Students participating and active involvement is our priority. We plan to achieve a personal development, establishing a good relationships and intellectual growth for our clients through this program. We think students learn better when challenged and engaged which enable them to develop new social skills and other techniques. With our experienced co-coordinators and operators we offer dynamic, constructive and inclusive approach has move us away from old styled lecture tour guiding. We have a package for a group of people who want to study in our various universities. Just give us information about what you want to do and we will be glad to assist you. Below are ranges of our Educational Tour Programmes;

Ghana Educational Program ( Drumming and Dancing Workshop)

drumming Our unique drumming and dancing education cater for absolutely beginners and gradually move to become advanced music and dance students. Our instructors are professionals of international standard and are ready to teach you rhythms from all of Ghana's Regions. We mostly emphasis on the cultural significance of each rhythm. Instruments used include Djembe, Kpalago, Duns and talking drums.
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Ghana Educational Program ( Flora and Fauna in Ghana )

forest Can Do Land Tours has over 5 wild life experts just ready to show you the beauty of Ghana's flora and fauna.

The flora of Ghana is diverse with both indigenous and introduced flora species considered as Ghana's flora diversity. In Ghana there are areas of high botanical diversity, known as Prime Botanical. Locations such as the Ankasa and Nini-Suhien Conservation Area in the southwestern Ashanti-Kwahu are terrestrial plain of Ghana. They are the most resourceful parks for students to learn more about the flora in Ghana.

The topographic variability and diversity of plants and animals always makes it a dream for student to visit to learn.
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Ghana Educational Program (Cultural Tour)

fetching waterThis is mainly what we do. We get you to throat as closer as we can to an extent of living with local Ghanaians, immersing groups into diverse cultures and traditions, whilst learning Ghana's historical past. Flora and fauna are on our list as we learn about Ghana's incredible biodiversity whilst enjoying its rich abundant wildlife. Fun filled with challenges will be set exposing students to African Drumming, Traditional Dance, Arts, Crafts and local cuisine. An ideal package offering learning experiences outside of the classroom, providing higher and valuable contribution to the education and development of the participants.
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Ghana Educational Tour (Arts & crafts)

craftsExpose participants to Ghana's traditional arts and crafts identifying their creative and competitive nature through fun filled learning activities. Students will design their own batik, weave their own kente and carve their own djembe drum. Truly engaging programme, challenging students to dig deep into their artistic talents. We allow time to explore Ghana's many attractions and immersing them, into the warm hospitality of the varied ethnic groups and cultures they learn from. For current prices and detailed itinerary contact us.
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Can Do Land Tours offer educational opportunities to suit every budget, customized tours and age group. Many of our tours comprises of Ghana’s history and culture. We invite you to explore the itineraries on our Tour pages. For more information contact us.