About Us

After attending the Hotel Catering and Tourism Training Institute at the Greenhill College in Accra, Ghana, we set out on a mission to discover and share areas of Ghana with others which we found extraordinary including historical sites, colorful festivals and a truly rich culture. Can Do Land Tours noticed the trend in travelers visiting Ghana was to only experience the cities and the more heavily populated areas of urban Ghana. With one of our founding members, Fredrick, growing up seven hours outside of the city in the rural village of Senase, he understood the beauty and importance of these areas in Ghana and wanted to expose a more raw side of the country to travelers.

Can Do Land Tours has been in operation for over 5 years and is steadily growing. Educational, Cultural and Adventure Tours are the specialty of this dynamic company. We have been bringing together groups of travelers from all over the world to share the beauty of Ghana with them. Can Do Land Tours have represented a diverse mixture of people spanning across four continents and crossing all age spectrums.

From big cities to small villages and deep into the spectacular National Parks, Can Do Land Tours lets you experience more than you ever thought possible. The success of Can Do Land Tours lies in it well-educated and trained tour guides and coach drivers. We offer a unique experience, drawing travelers into the world of active and exciting small group adventures with our professional Tour Guides.

Can Do Land Tours provide personal attention and the experience and knowledge of Ghana that only a local can offer and expose you to the 'real' side of Ghana. Can Do Land Tours open our hearts to you and at the end you will see Ghana as a country that once you crossed its border, you become family as part of the global community that we promote. You will feel the warmth in the hearts of Ghanaians during our tours and walk away from this experience forever remembering your time with us and knowing that one... will be back. As family does... they only say, "Goodbye."

Message from Patrons

Dear Travelers, In the Spring of 2013, I sailed with a global studies program called Semester at Sea. This was when I discovered Fredrick Benneh and Can Do Land Tours. I knew that I wanted to have a "real" experience during my stay in Ghana and Can do land tour's Homestay in Senase provided me with just that! Can do land tours areless about seeing the sights, and more... Read More

Why Us?

During our tours, travellers have a chance to see parts of Ghana that oftentimes go unseen while also giving back to the communities they visit.

Can Do Land Tours takes a portion of their profits from the tours and gives back to the communities through donations like desks for children in schools who would not otherwise have them, providing financial aid for students who cannot afford higher education and assisting the villages in general needs they have. Can Do Land Tours is more than just a tour group, it is a group of individuals who have come together to make a difference in the lives of travelers and locals alike.